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Tips to Spruce-up Your Home for Sale

April 6, 2018 | By Lauren Iraeta

The decision to sell your home is a large one for many homeowners. Whether it’s time to downsize to a smaller space, or if you’ve outgrown your starter home, making that first move to list your home is a major step.

Most experts agree, it’s a seller’s market right now and a strong year is predicted for home sales. That coupled with the fact that the months of March – June are the best times to sell, makes it especially important to start putting things in motion if you want to capture buyer interest and get your home sold.

Even if you’re still in preliminary talks to take this big step, now’s a better time than ever to start making updates and changes to your home that are both important and that will boost your resell capabilities.

Check out these tips.

Make Major Repairs

One of the most important things you’ll want to think about when it comes time to selling your home is the condition it’s in. Think back to when you first were shopping around for a house? Would you have settled for one that needed a lot of work? Perhaps. But most buyers don’t want to deal with that after they’ve just made a major purchase on a home. Have a pre-inspection done to uncover anything that could present a problem and invest in those updates before listing.

Rearrange & Declutter

Agents call it staging. When they arrange or fill a house with settings that are appealing and that properly accentuate the space. You'll need to start thinking like a buyer too. Are you going to want a living room that appears tight and jam-packed with extra furniture and cluttered magazines? Or would you prefer one that’s open, airy and inviting?

It’s important as you get into the home selling mode to work through cleaning the rooms in your house - really deep cleaning every crevice. You'll need to remove additional contents that have built up in the closets, under the beds and on the table tops that are unnecessary. It’s much easier to take the task on slowly and work at it a bit at a time rather than having to do one giant overhaul at the very last minute.

If you’ve ever been a neat-freak or wanted to update your décor, now’s the time to do it - and do it with intention.

Find the Right Agent

The right real estate expert can help make the home selling process a comfortable and smooth one. Be sure to select someone you have met with and who has the credentials and experience needed to help with all of the technical aspects of selling your home. They not only know all of the lingo and necessary paperwork you're going to be dealing with, but they can also help with negotiations and leave emotions out of the equation.

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If you’re in Connecticut and ready to sell – or even buy - consult with a professional on these next big steps.  

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Lauren Iraeta

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