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Focus on Features: Why Your Dream Kitchen Should Matter When Buying a Home

January 5, 2018 | By Lauren Iraeta

If you’ve made it past the important decision to buy a home, then you’re likely now scouring listings to find something that fits your budget and looks appealing. Like anything online, you’ll want to do some more research than just relying on one image of a house. If you want to save time in the home buying process, don’t fall into the trap of seeing a picture-perfect home in your price range and not browsing through the rest of the details in the listing to see if it’s actually a fit. Are there enough bedrooms for your growing family? Is there a garage for your cars? And what about central air?

While these are all important features to consider when choosing a home you’ll be living in for years to come, one feature that you should not overlook is the kitchen. Today this area of the home is becoming a central focus for social activities and important to the overall function. As you’re shopping for a home, consider these factors when it comes to the kitchen.


If the main reason you’ve been longing to leave your current apartment is due to your small kitchen space, then keep that in mind while you look at homes for sale. A good idea as you’re looking through home listings, is to picture what you’d envision a kitchen that worked well to look like. How can it make cooking and meal time pleasing? Then check the listing details for a match.

Designed to Work

If you love to cook meals and find pleasure in spending quality time with family or guests around the table, then a kitchen with enough room to accommodate should be on your must-have list. Think about features like a dishwasher, large sink, storage for all of your pots, pans and the never ending supply of Tupperware. You’ll want counter space if you like to cook and plenty of seating if you entertain.


The great thing about kitchens are they can be renovated on a budget. Some updates to hardware and a fresh coat of paint could be enough transform the space so it fits in with the rest of the home’s décor. Don’t completely dismiss a home if you love everything but the outdated appliances and countertops, that’s a fairly easy fix. But you’ll need to have more room in your budget if an expansion of the space or larger changes are needed - so factor that in during the decision-making process.

Whatever your focus is when it comes to your dream home, be sure you work with a real estate team who understands your desires and can help you locate properties that match your needs.

The Lauren Sells Team is dedicated to providing Connecticut residents with exceptional service. We pride ourselves on creating a smooth, distinctive experience so your home buying experience is a smooth and memorable one.

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Lauren Iraeta

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