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Find Your Next Home in Middletown, Connecticut

January 17, 2018 | By Lauren Iraeta

Searching for a place to buy your next home is an important task. You’re not just looking for a dwelling with enough rooms for your growing family, but you’re also likely seeking a town where you can settle in comfortably and see yourself returning to every day.

Consider Middletown, Connecticut.

A town with its own distinct charm, Middletown is located in the middle of the state in Middlesex County and along the western bank of the Connecticut River.

Middletown was once well known for its sailing port and an important industrial area.  Today, there are numerous natural landscapes to enjoy including mountains, parks and trails as well as a booming downtown with retail shops, dining and entertainment. The town also has several open land spaces where you can simply enjoy nature or an outing.

This is a great area for home buyers as Middletown offers a range of homes that meet varied budgets and size and space requirements. If you’re a growing family, looking to downsize, or just getting started on your future, there is something for everyone. Residents also enjoy easy access to major highways, airports and railroads.

A Town Dedicated to Community

Middletown also recently added economic development projects like a new Community Health Center, an office dedicated to arts and culture, and has a local farmers market for the community to enjoy.  

The town is also the home to both Wesleyan University and Middlesex Community College and has a Youth Connections service in town that’s dedicated specifically to assisting adolescents with becoming successful adults.

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Lauren Iraeta

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